About me

Hi, I'm Jen, a professional photographer & a mum of two. I love to capture my children's playful moments and I bring that same style to my family photoshoots and weddings. It's great to get some huge cheeky smiles straight at the camera, but equally as important to capture those natural moments when people connect. Sometimes we're too busy to see the world changing, so it's nice to take a moment out of the day to play, enjoy and make some memories.

Where it all began

I started with photography in 2008, learning the basics of how to use a camera and to control lighting in a studio. I worked taking family portraits and assisting at weddings. Over time I developed my own style of shooting and decided to start my own business.

Plating with bubbles

My passion

I love to photograph the world around me; my family, flowers in my garden and the local area where I live. I love using earthy tones & natural light, using it to create interesting highlights and shadows. Whatever I am taking photos of I always like to put my own stamp on it.

Sunflowers in the sun

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