About Me


Siblings hugging outdoors, black and white

Hello There

I'm Jen, a photographer, wife, mum of two & leopard print lover. I like things that are unique and I'm always trying to find different or unusual ways to view the normal things we see everyday.

I love to capture my children having fun, especially when they don't realise that I'm there, as those are the most natural and honest photos that let their personalities shine and I bring that same style to my family photoshoots and weddings. 

Where it all began

From humble beginnings, learning the basics of how to use a camera & to control lighting in a studio, I've worked photographing families, newborns & weddings from all walks of life.

Over time I've used these experiences to develop my own style of shooting, bringing my own personal touch to every image.

sunflowers in the sun

A LIFE LONG passion

I like to find the beauty in things when I'm photographing the world around me; my family, flowers in my garden and the local area where I live.

Whatever I am taking photos of I always like to put my own stamp on it.

Natural photography playful, fun, relaxed